WPL to M3U Converter

I created this converter specifically for my PS3 media files. Originally, I had used Windows Media Player to play video playlists across my network, however, after an update, playlists with more than 100 items could not load. The only option was to use another media service on my network, but the only ones i could find only supported M3U playlist files. I had tried converting the WPL files to M3U using various programs, including Windows Media Player itself, but all these programs were limited to music playlists and disregarded any video files in the list.

Finally I decided to just create a custom M3U playlist file, but I didn't want to have to manually enter my hundreds of video file names manually and decided to create this program using PHP for simplicity.

To use the program, select Browse and find your WPL playlist file that you want to convert and hit Submit. All other file formats will throw an error message. The file will upload and the code will read the file, take out the important parts and save the information to a new M3U file which will pop up as a download for you to save to your computer.

Once you have completed the download, the WPL file you uploaded as well as the created M3U file will be deleted from the server automatically.