Rubik's Cube AI Website

I've always been interested in AI and figured the sliding puzzle AI solving programs were too simple and wanted to create an AI to solve the Rubik's Cube. When I started this project, I wanted it to be easily accessable and decided to try programming it in PHP and creating a web based version. Because of the complexity of the AI search, this code can only check up to five rotations before it says a solution can't be found. Otherwise the web browser will think the page isn't responding and try to refresh the page. This is more a proof of concept than a fix all solution to any mixed up cubes. If I get enough requests, I may try to create a downloadable program using the code. If interested, email me using the contact page on my site.
You can go to the starting page using this link:

Cube AI

Compos Mentis

Compos Mentis: A Summons to War was created for my final term at the International Acadamy of Design and Technology. I was part of a nine member team that had twelve weeks to design and create a fully functioning game.

As the programming lead, I programmed the gameplay system, gameplay interface, the save/load system, and the AI.

As the project lead, I wrote the design document, assigned tasks and ensured the team members completed their responsibilities acording to schedule. I was also responsible for writing project reports to my instructors with regard to how the project was progressing.

Click here to download the installer for Compos Mentis.

Compos Mentis

Section K

Section K was more of a masive mod than a programmed game. I wsa just learning SDL and needed a game for my team's final project. We took one of the tutorials we were shown and completed a huge modification.

With this project, my team took the existing tutorial game and changed all the graphics and sound. We added multiple game levels including a boss and gave the player multiple weapons. We also added an intro and game over screen.

Click here to download the game files and executable.

Section K

Alchemy Clone

Alchemy was my first C++ game. in grade 12 I was hooked on the popcap game Alchemy. I needed to complete a project in my computer science class and thought it might be fun to create my own version. I completed this independently in about four weeks.

After it was completed and I submitted it for my CS course, I decided to use it to increase my skills in C++, and continued to work on improving it. There are ten versions of this project.

Click here to download the first version (the one submitted for my CS course).

Click her to download the final version. This version is much better than the first.