I had always enjoyed reading however I began to enjoy writing stories in grade 11. It was this time I started to write the following story which you can view if you follow the link below.

In my first term at the International Acadamy of Design and Technology I studied non-interactive media, such as movies and books. I was given a project where I had to write all or part of a story, thus I decided to finish the story I had started in high school.

This story takes place in medieval times. It focuses on a young man, abandoned at birth and was destined to learn the ancient art of summoning creatures so he could save the world from the shape shifters.

Click here to view the story.


Another class I took at the International Acadamy of Design and Technology was Journalism. Our teacher was the web page editor for Electric Playground. I had to complete a review of a game and if I wanted he said he would edit it and put it on the Electric Playground page. I reviewed the game Rise to Honor for the PS2.

The edited review is on

Click here to view the unedited version I submitted for my game jornalism class.